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What Scents Do Bed Bugs Hate?

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If you are one of them who is facing these bugs the first time at home, you will never know about all these mini creatures and also how to deal with them. Bed bugs are nocturnal that are mostly active at night to feed and bite your entire family members while sleeping. It can disturb your sleep and comfort, so you have to kill them quickly when you see them. They will embarrass you when the guests are at home and came to meet you as they bite them and you at that time during dinner.

There are, fortunately, some things that can repel them from attacking your home. Some kinds of scents can help you efficiently. Read here to know about these smells and their uses against bed bugs.

1. Fresh mint plant 

The sweet and fresh fragrance of the mint plant is so pleasant. It makes you fresh, and you will love its smell, but the bugs hate this and can’t stand through this smell and leave. It is not as dangerous as the other chemical repellents and didn’t harm you and your other homeowners. Positively, it can release your stress, which is also beneficial to you. Moreover, it affects the bed bugs’ nervous system.

It can help you as it is easy to use. You have to boil some fresh mint leaves in water, which makes its smell more powerful and ready to spread. Take a spray bottle and pour the mixed water into it. Now spray it directly on all the surfaces which are infested with bed bugs. All the places where they could hide.

2. A garlic solution

Another scent which the bed bugs hate is garlic. You can use it to make a solution. Take some water and boil some amount of garlic into it. After boiling, its aroma can help you to kill bugs easily. Fill the boiled mixture into a spray bottle and find the places where bed bugs can hide. Directly spray in the infested areas.

The small cracks and crevices, you have to spray along. You can use it in another way. Crush a few cloves and place near the area where the pests can hide.

3. Powdered pepper

Now here is another ingredient that is commonly found at every house and used to prepare spicy foods. It is good for you that you can use it as a bed bug repellent because bugs hate its strong smell. Put a few amounts in the places where bed bugs are suspected.

This procedure has some cautions to apply when using at home. When children are at home, be aware because it can irritate the children’s eyes and noses and burn the mouth.

4. Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol used in several products and used to kill insects too. They don’t just hate the smell of alcohol, but it can irritate their bodies, but it doesn’t have positive aspects of nature. It can kill effectively and surely, but it has some limitations also. It can cause fire hazards, so the use of alcohol is risky at home, although it kills all the germs and insects completely and in a short time. You can use it by spraying in a particular area where you find them. The area mostly will be your bedding, or around that area, so you can spray it directly to kill them.

5. Lavender oil

Lavender is a flowering plant that makes oil. This oil is also beneficial for essential oil. It repels the pests and insects as they hate the aroma of the lavender oil and the plant also. They can’t stand the smell and will leave. You can use it because its smell is not unpleasant for the people also and you will love the fragrance. You can use products that are easily available in the market, contain lavender, and used specifically pest control. Choose the product that suits your place in case of bed bug infestation.

6. Cinnamon Powder

This is the ingredient you can use it in powder form. It also has the scent that most pests hate, especially bed bugs. You can easily spread it on the area which is infested by the bed bugs. Put it on the bed cover, if there are bugs. All the bugs are killed at the same time or quicky. If not die, they left that area. Moreover, it is easily available in every house because it is a kitchen product and used in making recipes.

You can use it in places where you can’t see them easily. If it is not suitable for the place, you can choose another method for solving the issue.

7. Blood Orange oil

Have you ever seen or hear about the blood orange. If the answer is yes, your pest problem is going to solve in this way. It is a natural and proven essential oil that is good for you and bad for the pests. In fact, it is one of the most effective pest solutions when you have at home. The scents contain this can kill the bugs, repel them, and keep them away from your home. Spraying the oil on the clothing surfaces like bed covers, pillow covers, and the mattress also.

It takes some time, and you have to wait until the complete removal, but if you have a short time, then call the pest control experts.

8. Diatomaceous Earth

It is a powder made from fossilized algae. The powder is what cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs hate the most because they die even in one contact. They die due to their dehydration process. It affects the waxy bodies of the pests and their body system too. The smell it contains is disliked by the bugs and other pests also. It repels the pests from coming back again. It is a quick and easy method against all kinds of bugs and also most effective as it gives you complete and quick results.

9. Lemon scent

Hey! Do you think about another easy and effective scent? Lemon or citrus is the smell pleasant to you but not to the bugs. It is the death of all bugs when they smell. If you have lemons in your kitchen or refrigerator, you can use them to repel bugs. Spray the fresh lemon juice on the infected places to get better results. It positively makes your house fresh as well as pest-free.

10. Tea tree oil

By giving you the easy home remedies, add one more effective oil, which is a tea tree. This is proven against bed bugs to kill completely. Spreading around the home and furniture can repel pests from your home, although it doesn’t have any side effects to use. It is an easily available and efficient treatment against bugs. Moreover, you can spray it directly on the furniture and other property. It saves the property and kills the pests. Many people use it regularly to save their furniture from the bugs attack.


We gave the ideas to solve your pest issue at home. You can apply these things at home but after reading the recommendations given on the label before use. Never use these things in large amounts to get quicker results, because the use of anything more of the required amount can have some side effects. If you shy and not feeling comfortable while using their own, you should call some experts. In case of any severe case, call the pest control experts immediately.

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