What Are Ants Attracted To?

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Ants can eat a large source of food, but what are the things they are attracted to. You can think about it easily as what you can eat? Most of the things you like to eat, ants also like them too. Why you need food? Of course, you need it to get the energy to work, and they more hardworking.

They need more food because of two reasons. One is for eating, and the other is for saving it for later. They save food for the cold winter and rainy days when they can’t collect it. In extreme cold, trees are covered with snow, and there is a lack of food outside, so they live in their nests and use their stored food to eat.

1. Are Ants Attracted To Sweets?

Ants like to eat sweets to get more carbohydrates. They need proteins, carbohydrates, and fats the same as humans. Sugar contains a lot of carbohydrates, then why not eat sugar or all sweet things made of sugar. All kinds of food made of sugar can give them a rich amount of carbohydrates to fill their energy level.

You can check if you want to, but surely you know that they eat those things. If there is melted ice cream drops on a hot summer day, a few drops of honey or any kind of syrup, candy, or any leftovers on the floor, they will not leave it and take it to their nest.

2. Can Salt Attract Ants?

Did you really don’t know about the answer that they are attracted to salt or not? If you left a cookie jar or a half of burger bun uncovered on the kitchen shelf, are there ants present around or not? I can tell you that ants are present even inside of the jar, and they will take a small part of the bun too.

Salt is not their favourite one, but they like to eat many kinds of food as they can collect. Another reason is that salt can help animals to maintain all their body functions. So if their body needs salt, they find out more for salt than sugar.

3. Are Ants Attracted To Water?

Like all other lives, ants also need water in their diet to live. They also need water to save like the other food for winter. They collect it for drinking and storing purposes. It means they need a large source of water. If there are some places which are contaminated with water, you are attracting them to your home.

They can get it from the liquids and the things which contain water in them like juices, ice cream, and many else. The attraction of water is more than any other thing for these small ants.

4. Can Light Or Electricity Attract Ants?

Many ants are attracted to light, but not all. Similarly, all species of ants are not attracted to light. Flying ants and carpenter ants are attracted, but some species don’t need light. Some ants are even completely blind, but they can easily find their food without looking. They have a strong sense of smell through which they can reach food. About their attraction, carpenter ants can come quickly if you have a good source of food. They are mostly night workers and come out at night time.

Some ants are found near to the electric appliances, do you know why they choose these appliances for nesting? They actually need warmth, food crumbs, or stains on the electrical appliances. When the electromagnetic field passes through these outlets, they give off heat, which these mini creatures need, so they live near to these.

5. Are Ants Attracted To Shades Or Light?

Most of the ants prefer shady or hidden places, and the reason is their survival. They can hide in places where people can’t see or catch easily. This is the main reason they want dark places more than light, I think. Some of them are attracted by the light they are finding for the heat in this way. You see many times them behind the cupboards, under the sink, between the small cracks in the walls or the foundation also.

6. Can Mold Attract Ants?

There are some other reasons that ants are found around the mold in the house. Some similar environmental conditions can attract them. Mold grows on moist places or deadly organic materials and that are not liked by many ants. There is another possibility to have something else here like leftover food or stained surfaces near to that place, and they are using the moldy surface as the way to get that food.

7. Are Ants Attracted To Blood?

Ants are the insects that are attracted to any kind of food source, but is it blood that attracts ants near to the bandages which are absorbed with blood? Ants are attracted to the byproduct of humans like menstrual blood. It contains proteins and a strong scent that attracts ants towards blood.

8. Are Ants Attracted To Urine?

This is an odd question, but some people have the curiosity to know about it. Diabetes patients are sometimes want to know it because they are having that issue. Here the reason is glucose mixed in the urine because the patients that have high sugar levels, their body parts are not working well. Especially kidney, they are mixing body glucose with their urine. Ants are attracted to get that glucose, so they come near to the patient’s urine.

9. Can Flowers Or Plants Attract Ants?

Ants, like many other insects, want to attach with the sweet fragrances of flowers and plants. If you have potted plants inside or outside the house, you also have seen ants around or inside these plants. They may not pick them as a food source, but they find the dead leaves or branches and moisture soil. They use it for nesting, which can damage plants that you don’t want.

10. Are Ants Attracted To Moisture?

These six-legged insects need water necessarily in their daily diet. They can absorb water from the wet or liquid food and live in muddy soil or moisture for a comfortable nest. So many species of ants are attracted to moisture.


All the above things can help you to know that ants are attracted to which things, so you can make a plan on how to prevent them in your home or office. Some more things like unclean home where food is placed openly can surely welcome ants and many other pests.

If you are one of them, be careful and change your way. Be responsible for your doings and make your house peaceful and pest free. If you are not giving them any reason but still they are at your home, call the experts to help you out.

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