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Does Vinegar Kill Bed Bugs?

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Do you have bed bugs infestation at home? Then you know how are they hard to deal with. One of the most challenging pests is at your home now. How you can kill them, it would be your first priority at that time.

Many effective ways are there to kill them, but if you want to use vinegar against bugs and you don’t know that it really works against bugs or not. It is actually better to know about anything before trial because it could be dangerous while using it. Vinegar is like alcohol made by many natural things like grapes, pineapple, or pear, etc. Vinegar has a strong acetic acid that can kill the bug certainly. So chances are to killed by vinegar, but do you know how to use it?

How To Make Anti Bed Bugs Vinegar Spray?

People use vinegar in many ways, but here is an effective method to use it against bugs. You can make your own die spray at home at less price. Although it is not so effective to give you complete results while facing bed bug infestation, it can remove bugs easily and cheaply. Let’s start making.

Vinegar Spray to kill bed bugs
Vinegar Spray to kill bed bugs
  1. You have to take some fine and pure vinegar and an empty spray bottle to spread it easily around the infested area.
  2. Clean the bottle and fill it with vinegar. Close it tightly and make it sure that the bottle is not damaged and no leakage found in it.
  3. Now spray it on all the infested area and soak the area completely. Make sure that no space left behind to run for the bugs. Spaces may include underneath bed and spring box, under the doors, behind the furniture and on the bed and pillow covers, on the walls also.
  4. Never forget the cracks and crevices in the walls and in the furniture to spray, even around the area where they are found or hide.
  5. When they spread while inhaling the smell of vinegar, there should be more amount around that particular area to suffocate them completely until death.
  6. Repeat the procedure until all the bugs are killed that are hatched after the first procedure.

This method, like the others, may also have some advantages and disadvantages of using at home. You should know them to make your method safe to use.

Advantages Of Using Vinegar For Killing Bed Bugs

  • It is a cheaper and easily available ingredient than others.
  • You can easily apply it at home on your own.
  • It is safe to use that you can use it at home, even in the presence of children and pets.
  • It is best in short term infestation means when you found the case at the very first stage and start to cure.
  • Bugs dislike it and repel from your home with its smell.

Disadvantages Of Using Vinegar Against Bed Bugs

  • It doesn’t work on eggs, even with a large amount of using vinegar.
  • It is so smelly, and when you use it in a large amount on the bed or furniture directly, there would be an unpleasant environment at home.
  • You have to use a large amount to kill the bugs, and there are not any strong shreds of evidence that they completely die.
  • Due to its lower PH level, it can damage your furniture or remove its shine and beauty, and you surely never want this.
  • It might be toxic for some pets


It is effective but for miner cases. It can’t solve your problem if the situation is critical. Never use it with another thing like bleach because it can make chlorine gas and may have some severe health issues, so avoid mixing. Some other effective methods are also there to use at home like heating and vacuuming the house are the better alternative methods. If you have a severe infestation and it is tough to handle the issue, call the pest control experts to came and solve your problem in a short time.

I hope this article will help you to know about the vinegar and the infestation you are dealing with.

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