Bed Bugs

Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs?

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If you saw a bed bug around you at home or anywhere, it’s the time to detect these pesky pests and counter them at that spot. If you are careless about them, they will trap you very soon. Be ready for the terrible condition.

You can easily stop them at the first stage. They are tiny bloodsuckers, and there bite is painful. Thought if you have hundreds around you and they bite, you surely will not want this. So be aware of them if you see one. Are you searching for their solutions with Lysol, you are in the right place.

What is Lysol?

It is basically a disinfectant used for cleaning purposes. Killing all the microbes, which includes viruses and bacteria, is the benefit of using Lysol. Many houses use this as a surface cleaner to kill the germs and clean the floors or surfaces too. You can also use it as a pest deterrent or disinfectant for some kinds of pests, including bed bugs.

Is Lysol a bed bugs killer?

If you want to ask about the ways to kill bed bugs, Lysol can help you in this case. What you need is the Lysol spray just.

Spray it directly on the infected surfaces, and things present inside like bed, sofa, rug, etc.. A large amount of spray is effective to encounter these bugs rapidly.

But one to remember that Lysol spray only works when the surface is moist or wet. The chemicals present in this spray suffocates all the bugs, and they die instantly.

Easy step to follow when using Lysol for killing bed bugs

This spray can help in many ways, but if you need the complete action, follow these steps at home.

  1. All the unwanted things, you have to remove from the room for the clearance. Now time to wash the dirty laundry. Keep all the dirty clothes out and wash them at high temperatures, at least 122 degrees. It will kill the bugs present inside your clothing completely.
  2. Vacuum clean all the things as much possible. Whether it is hard or soft, bugs can hide in the tiny holes in these things. A vacuum cleaner can help you to find them in even the small holes in the computer or your furniture, so vacuum them all.
  3. Give hot steam to your pillows and mattresses, and after it encases them. It ensures that bugs are not present inside the mattress, but they are hanging around it and removed during the steam process.
  4. Use a bed bug repellent in this process to prevent yourself from their painful bites.
  5. Now spray the Lysol in all the invaded area at home. This includes the sides of the carpet and walls behind the furniture. Lysol spray chemicals can kill the eggs and the adult bugs inside your house.
  6. Spray it on furniture, cracks, and crevices inside your bed or sofa.

Never forget

  • You have to use the steam process before spraying Lysol. Why, because Lysol chemicals only work effectively when the area is moist. Here steam will moist the surface for killing all the bugs.
  • Once the surface is dry, these pests may resist the chemicals and not die.
  • After the spray procedure, wash all the items into hot water for preventing yourself from chemical effect.
  • Wrap the mattresses after spraying to give yourself a comforting breath.


  1. It is safe to use Lysol directly in the children’s room while killing bed bugs at home.
  2. It is the cheapest treatment to kill all the pests at home.
  3. No need to throw your mattress after Lysol spray. You can wash it into hot water for safe use.
  4. It is double effective as an anti-bacterial as well as bed bug killer.


  1. Chemicals that include ethanol inside the Lysol are risky as health hazards and eyes, especially if directly exposed.
  2. It can cause severe risks to the central nervous system if inhaled or ingested while bed bug treatment.
  3. It contains toxic elements. That can cause dangerous diseases like cancer or many others.
  4. It only works on bed bugs when moist.


You can use Lysol spray after following its directions that are mentioned on its outer label. The heating or freezing process is effective in killing bed bugs without any side effects.

In case of any serious infestation, call the pest control experts to control the situation.

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