Bed Bugs

Does Clorox Kill Bed Bugs?

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Clorox is a chemical that is used to remove stains from the clothes and whiten them. The substances it contains are Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium chloride, water, Sodium carbonate, Sodium chlorate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Sodium Hydroxide. Due to all these substances, it killed the germs and used as a sanitizer.

If you are facing the bed bug infestation, you are surely finding ways to get rid of them. Their bites are painful, and they cause diseases like typhoid fever, asthma, and many others. Their bites cause skin allergy and spots on the skin.

Is Clorox Effective In Killing Bed Bugs? 

The question is why people thought about it as a treatment.

The ingredients in Clorox is household bleach. When you think of killing any pest, your first attention goes to any chemical because you believe that it works fast. It can resolve your issue in the right way. This is effective that it works against bed bugs, but there are some limitations like the other chemical-related procedures.

What Should We Do

  1. You can use it on surfaces where it is easy to remove. These places include floor or tiles on the walls because there are bugs present in the wall or floor cracks or crevices.
  2. You can use the heat process as the best alternative. It is provenly good in the houses which were dealing with the severe infestation. Due to extreme heat bugs and their eggs, both die. So, the use of a bed bug heater can solve the issue in a short time.
  3. Freezing is also effective in killing bed bugs because they can’t bear the severe cold too. If you have a deep freezer, you can use this to kill bed bugs.
  4. These bugs are not easy to kill completely, and if you have no time to do it by yourself, call the pest control experts. They are trained and well experienced for killing these tricky pests easily. As they do their job, you can’t handle the situation like them.

What Should We Not Do

  1. Never use it on the walls or furniture directly, because as it is a stain remover, it removes the original color of the surface too.
  2. You shouldn’t use it on the bed covers or pillow covers. It contains toxic chemicals that are dangerous to you and your family’s health.
  3. It is toxic, so never inhale or ingest, because it can give you some serious health results.
  4. The children at home may not be aware of it and can touch or smell it, so avoid it in these places where they can reach.
  5. Drinking a bleach solution is vomiting, stomach, and throat irritation.
  6. With close contact, it causes skin and eye irritation and burning sensation.


Clorox is efficient, but you can use it in the right way and in the right place for better results. We are not avoiding you because it can kill all the bugs and their eggs. Also, keep in mind the precautions which are mentioned above. A vacuum cleaner is the better option to prevent them. The houses which regularly vacuum their houses, all kinds of pests didn’t attack there.

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