Does Baking Soda Kill Ants?

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Ants are the small insects that are one of the most active and have a strong sense of smell. Most kinds of food they are attracted to. They can carry 50 times more than their body weight. If you have them at home, you undoubtedly know their reality. Moreover, they are not of one kind. Ants are found at least 15000 species all over the world, and they have large colonies.

Is it horrible to know? Not to worry. They are not impossible to knock out. You can clean them out to your house. Some people don’t like to use pesticides for this problem. Do you wanna use any home remedy for killing them that works against them? Let’s start solving your issue.

Baking Soda And Ants

Baking soda is known as sodium bicarbonate. It is a commonly used product in most of the houses that are fond of baking or cooking, for the purpose of baking your favourite muffins, cakes, pastries etc. This is a natural ingredient, and people use it to finish these little soldiers. People use it as an insecticide or poisoned bait.

Benefits Of Using Baking Soda Against Ants (Pros)

Like all other techniques, baking soda also has some benefits due to which people have the interest to use it. After complete reading, you will be able to conclude the results of whether you have to use or not.

  • It is easy to use.
  • It’s a priceless method against ants.
  • It is harmless for pets and kids.
  • You can apply it anywhere with no physical or mental stress.
  • It kills ants quickly when ingested.

Why Not Use (Cons)

  • It’s risky to use if kids ingest it.
  • Baking soda can’t kill them completely.

How To Use Baking Soda Against Ants?

Baking soda can kill ants but not alone enough for killing. The reason is that it doesn’t have a sweet smell to attract ants. It is effective if they ingest, so if they come closer and eat or ingest, then you can achieve the specific goal. Now, what’s the thing you need for this purpose. It’s ants’ favourite food smell that’s called sweet or sugar. Let’s look out the ingredients.

  1. Baking soda
  2. Powdered sugar
  3. An empty plastic cup
  4. A spoon for mixing


Take 5 spoons of sugar. You should ensure that sugar is in powdered form. It can help you to mix both things easily. Now take 5 spoons of baking soda for making a poison for ants. Here sugar is considered as a fragrance which can attract ants towards the poisonous bait. The purpose of baking soda is to kill all the ants, but they will not eat if you place it alone. So sugar is a helping agent. Now, mix them well that no part of baking soda will be found without sugar.

Sprinkle or place it on the places where you see the ants are going. They will collect it and get it to their nest for sharing with the entire colony. If the queen also ingests or eat this bait, you are going right, and your problem is going to solve now. As soon as they eat, they die at once.

Some Useful Tips

  • You can use boric acid with that mixture of sugar and baking soda to increase the capacity of its work.
  • Soapy water can help you too to kill your problem, which is ants. You can mix dish detergent with warm water until complete mix and spray that water directly on ants.
  • Boiled water is another solution for these pests. Yes! You can use this.
  • If the situation is tough for you to control, let it handle the experts and call them to help you out.

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