Do Fleas Fly?

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Among many species of fleas, the most common are the cat, dog, and human fleas. One of these three species, human species, are not too commonly found. The type you face mostly is pet fleas. Why this question arise that ‘do fleas fly or not?’ You may see something crawling around you, or it could jump so fast. That makes you think that is there a flea that’s flying. That’s not just you to ask this question. Many other people have the same confusion about how is this possible? Let’s have a deep study of this myth.

Do Fleas Have Wings?

Fleas are the parasite that has powerful six legs. The first four legs are attached to their bodies side by side, and the last two are strong hind legs. They can hop like a frog and jump more easily and quickly than other insects. However, if you ever see a grasshopper, you know how it can jump fastly. Fleas have the same strategy because they also have a structure like them. Do you want to ask about their wings? The simple answer is NO! they don’t have wings to fly.

Can Fleas Fly? How High They Can Jump?

If you think fleas can fly, you are going wrong. Fleas and flies both are different, and one of them can fly and that are flies but not fleas. Fleas just can jump, and they can cover the distance of 12 to 13inches and an approximate height of 7 to 8inches. When thinking about the jump height, it’s as high as 150 times their body height. They are good athletes and can jump very fast. That’s the actual reason people think that they can fly but they can’t.

Can Fleas Swim? 

Here is another story you want to know about fleas, but the answer is yes and no. YES! Here refers to the scenario that they don’t draw, so! You think they can swim. On the other hand, one more thinking can give you the answer NO because they don’t have the ability to swim. How can they survive in water? They naturally have a substance like wax on their body which helps them to float on the surface of the water.

Do Baby Fleas Crawl Or Jump?

There is not any stage of baby fleas in the life cycle of a flea. When their eggs hatch, flea larvae hatch from the eggs in its life cycle. They are not fully formed on that stage and acts as the small blind blobs. For continuing their development, they construct cocoons around their body and keep continue the development to become adults. After that, they come out after a long period of time and then rapidly start with their adult age and able to jump like an athlete jumper.

How Fleas Affect Dogs?

Fleas especially ‘dog fleas’ like to live in the furry skin of the dog and bite them on the whole body. That’s the thing that irritates your pet most. They even can’t bear their bites and feel intense itchy. They scratch their skin more than regular conditions. When they come out of the cocoons, they feel a suitable atmosphere around them.  The can feel the outer atmosphere suitable when they find a new host near to them. They jump out and start feeding the very first time from the dog.

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