Do Ants Eat Termites?

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Ants are the insect that eats almost everything to fill their nutrition requirements such as proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fat, vitamins, and water also. They need a lot of food because they store it for the whole year. One part is to eat, and the other is to store for winter.

They eat many insects include termites. Both insects have a colonial living, and their habitats also match in some cases. Are you thinking about how? Carpenter ants can build nests in wood and lead to living in these nests even their entire life. Termites not just live in these small tunnels in woody surfaces, but also eat that wood internally. Due to this reason that they live in similar places, they are good competitors to each other.

Living in the same place can occur a great struggle to run the other insect away. Ants not only eat them because they are sharing their habitats, but they also like to eat them. Termites eat a fine piece of wood, so they are full of proteins plus they soft and fleshy that they eat them happily. When ants kill them, they get both living and good food.

Termites, on the other hand, are voracious wood insects, which feed on digging the wood from the inside, until it is entirely empty. You can get information about everything you need to know about them.

It is practically impossible to find an infestation, precisely because the termites move in the dark (they are bright insects, and therefore they shy away from the light) and live inside the wood well sheltered, eating it all and leaving only a surface layer that does not allow the light to filter.

This means that when the time comes when you touch wood, and you realize that it is completely emptied inside, it’s too late. The infestation has already run its course.

Are Ants Enough To Eat The Entire Colony Of Termites?

Yes! They can eat, but not every time it happens the same. Although they are living in the same place, the style of nesting is a bit different from each other and a way to save termite in their homes. The nests that termites make are small and also small endings according to their size and able to fit them. Ants can’t enter these nests because they are larger in size.

Why Are Ants Not Eating Termites?

Ants are brave like the tiny soldiers and can do more struggle to save themselves. They can fight individually because they have the spirit to sacrifice for the survival of their colony until the last moment to death.

How To Recognize Termites From Ants?

Now I will give you the 5 tips that will allow you to understand immediately what type of insect you are dealing with, however. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Let’s go in order and find out the 5 tricks to get you informed.

  1. Color: Ants are always black, or some species are brown or red while the termites are white in the larval phase, that is when they feed on the wood, and black with the wings at the time of swarming.
  2. Size: Ants have a large head, small chest, and a large abdomen, while termites have a body that has NO continuity. The head, chest, and abdomen follow a single profile.
  3. Antennae: The antennae of the termites are straight, while those of the ants have an elbow bend.
  4. Body shape: The termites have two pairs of equal wings (hence “Isoptera”), twice the body, and folded tight.  The ants have them shorter, rounded in the distal portion, and spread at rest.
  5. Food: Another main difference is the food source. Ants like to eat other insects and many leftovers that include your daily diet and crumbs of your food. Termites eat wood where they make nests and soft roots of the trees or plants.

Well! Now you have the tools to recognize the pest that is pestering your life.

Once you understand if it is ants or termites, please DO NOT make the mistake of spraying chemical insecticides; they have limited efficacy because both termites and ants are social insects that make up the nest away from the foraging site (where they go to collect food) and therefore spraying insecticides means eliminating only the visible specimens.

Only with a closed cycle technique will you be able to eliminate the infestation forever

  • Without evacuating the home
  • Without the need to dismantle the house
  • With total effectiveness and 100% guaranteed
  • Without using chemicals and therefore toxic to you and your loved ones


We gave you complete information which you are searching for. I hope you are now fully aware of the particular reasons for ‘do ants eat termites or not.’ After you know these reasons, you can conclude that they eat termites but not enough for finishing the insects that are inside their nests.

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