Can Fleas Live On Humans?

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Fleas are one of the pests which can invade your home easily, but in many cases, your pets give them a way to enter inside. There could be any other reason but do you know why they come near to you? The reason is just to take your blood, so they bite you for this reason. They are most often found in your pets like cats or dogs, but here is a chance that they can bite you if you have pets at home.

Fleas are small and annoying pests that can give you a tough time because getting your pet from fleas is also a tension period for you when they feel intense itchy. If your pets are feeling itchy, you are surely suffering from the same condition in which they are. So there are minor chances that just your pets have caught these pests, and you are safe.

Can Humans Carry Fleas From One Place To Another?

When you with your four-legged pet go outside for a walk or travel anywhere, fleas are waiting for you. They caught your pet and came inside your home with your pet. After entering, they may jump out of their body and find a place to hide. They can stay up to 24 hours at your clothing and then move for another position.

You can also catch them without pets travel. Is this horrible to know? They can invade you without pets when you visit a local or flea-infested area. Their strong hind legs can help them to cling on your clothes, bag, luggage or shoes, etc.

How Climate Can Affect Fleas?

Climate can affect many insects, including fleas. They can’t live in severe hot or extremely cold temperatures. When the temperature falls to 37 degrees, it’s tough for the fleas to survive in that environment, and they die. Not just mature fleas die but even their larvae, pupae, and the eggs also.

You can use heat as a treatment method. They need a moderate climate to hatch their eggs and also for their survival. When they find cold weather outside, they want to move inside your house or any shady or warm place to live comfortably. In that condition, you and your home are at risk of attacking them.

Are Human And Pet Fleas The Same?

They are the same to some extent, but the human fleas have a different scientific name ‘Pulex irritans’. Three types of fleas are known as the cat flea, dog flea, and third is a human flea. Actually human fleas are larger in size than pets fleas. That’s the reason people consider it different from the pet flea.

Human fleas are not found in more industrialized countries like the U.S. So, if you have bitten by the fleas, they are often pet fleas, and you are getting it by your pets. Cat and dog flea both drink the blood of your pets or you.

How Do Human Beings Get Fleas?

There are many different ways you can get them, but some of them are here that commonly can give you fleas.

Pets: If you have pets at home that walk outside or you go with them anywhere, you can get fleas. If you see them itching, licking, or scratching their body severely, they surely have them.

Farms: Most of the pigs have fleas because they like to live in dirty or muddy places, insects also like that environment and caught on pigs. If you visit pig farms, fleas can jump over your clothes or handbags and come to your home with you.

Travel: You get fleas while travelling. Especially local transport or public places contain such kinds of pests because many of the people visit there, and may some of them are flea-infested. Fleas like bugs like to travel from one place to another. The difference in both is that bugs can’t easily cling through your body and need some fabric to hang, but flea can easily stick or jump due to its hind legs.

Other animals or pets: When you visit a pet show or any other place where other animals are present if one of them has fleas that can infest any other, and that could be you too.

What Common Signs Can Tell You About Fleas?

Fleas can bite you many times if they are at your home, and they are hundreds in numbers if they stay at your home. Some sure signs can tell you about the presence of fleas.

  • Red or black spots on the skin
  • Intense itching on pets body
  • Rash after biting
  • Swelling around the bitten area

How To Get Rid Of Fleas At Home?

These pests are not so easy to catch or kill, so you have to make a strategy for finishing them. What you have to do for this? Let’s see.

Use a vacuum cleaner

With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can catch them and finish them from your house. Cleanliness is the thing that can prevent you from any kind of pest. If you don’t have at home, you can take a cleaner on rent but never forget to clean it first because it could be already infested and you can get negative results, so clean it first and then use it.

Keenly vacuum all the surfaces, holes, cracks or crevices, corners of all the rooms and tiles of the floor. Baseboards should also be vacuumed, and carpet is the most important thing to clean because they are small, and their eggs are too small to hide inside the fur of the rug.

Use a steam cleaner

For cleaning purposes, you can use another thing that is steam because heat is the enemy of fleas. You can clean your carpet thoroughly with a steam cleaner. Clean all the bedding and pillow sheets and pets bedding also.

Wash all bedding with hot water

Soapy and hot water can easily kill fleas or any kind of pest. Another thing more that it can also kill eggs with heat. Wash all your and your pet’s bedding with hot water as much as possible. Here it is beneficial to you because you can’t kill eggs or larvae with any other method easily. Well! their eggs are not gluey like bugs so they can fall and separate with less effort.

Use of spray

After doing all the above methods, most of the fleas will finish, but one thing is left to do. That’s a chemical spray. When you wash or clean all the surfaces, spray a chemical insecticide that you can purchase from the market and buy it online too. No surface should be left till very last. Use a face mask for prevention purposes.

Repeat the method

You don’t apply it just once because it’s effective but not enough to kill 100% in just one turn. Repeating can finish them completely after the last egg that hatch. You have to do it once in a week until you never are bitten or find anyone of them.

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