Can Fleas Live In Human Hair?

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Fleas are the pests mostly related to your pets, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t harm or bite you. They are known to spread many diseases. They are not just of one type and have several species. Scientists find even 2000 species of fleas all over the world. Only one type reaches specifically human, and that’s Pulex irritans. They feed on human blood and prefer mostly humans for blood.

These are not found everywhere, but other types of fleas as pet fleas can also bite you when they don’t find their preferred host. The like to eat the blood of mainly four-legged pets like cats or dogs etc. Some other species are relevant to birds, pigs, bats, or rodents, etc.

You are asking that “Can fleas live in human hair or not?” There are many other questions attached to this one, like do they prefer human blood or hair or not? Why do fleas get in human hair? You can’t get your answer in one line, so read carefully to get your answer.

Do Fleas Like Human Hair For Furry Surface?

Fleas have hind legs and can easily move from one place to another so if they already have a hairy environment in the form of your cat or dog then why do they prefer your hair however you don’t have thicker hair than animals? There are some other reasons that they bite you in the presence of any other animal. You may be a way to transfer them from one pet to another, so they choose you for traveling.

One more reason is that they need the blood of warm-blooded animals and can lay many eggs when they don’t have a peaceful environment after they multiply in number because they need more space to lay more eggs. They choose your scalp when they don’t find any other warm-blooded mammals because you are also one of them. In some cases, they have other animals, but they bite you too. It’s the sign of increasing infestation when the blood of your pet is not enough to meet their requirements.

Can Fleas Lay Eggs In Human Hair?

These are small parasites that live on the host’s blood, and they live mostly on pets because their blood is enough to fulfill their energy level to survive and also for reproduction. They can’t survive on only human blood, but they need animal blood for continuous biting and feeding. Their need is a lot of blood at the time before they will be able to produce their young ones. So, there are minor chances that they could lay eggs in human hair. No need to worry because you can treat them, and it’s not impossible to finish them from your house or hair.

How Do You Know If You Have Fleas In Your Hair?

Sometimes when you get fleas in your hair, you can’t judge yourself that what’s going on? Are they lice or fleas? Because lice are the small insects that mostly relate to the scalp or hair. When you find another thing on the scalp, your reaction is that you suspect them of lice, but here are some key signs that can help you to solve your myth.

  • Formication (it’s the feeling when something is crawling on your body). With formication, you can feel the crawling sensation on your skin.
  • Intense itching that’s more than usual or an average
  • If you ever face lice before you can feel the difference between lice and a new parasite
  • Small red bumps on the skin after when you get bitten
  • Swelling around the bitten area

How Can I Put On My Skin To Keep Fleas Off Of My Skin?

One thing you must do is not to scratch the bitten area and avoid it if you have intense itching. Clean the surface where they bite you and use some remedy from relieving itching. You can use some ice packs, tea bags, aloe vera, a little amount of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, etc. You can soothe your skin with a few drops of tea tree oil also. Vacuum your house regularly because it can also prevent you from fleas inside the house.

How Can You Treat Your Hair If You Have Fleas In The Hair?

They if bite you, don’t find specifically your scalp; instead, they have some other places on your skin to bite like your knees, places between your toes, under the ankles, etc. In many cases, we see they bite you on arms or legs because they can’t bite through clothes, so they find the area that’s bare. Some effective and step by step tips can prevent your hair from fleas.

  1. Take a hot shower. Water should be as hot as bearable.
  2. Add a few amounts of the dishwasher soap and wash your hair with shampoo.
  3. A strong-smelling shampoo can prevent them quickly so the addition of tea tree oil can help you from the removal of these tricky pests.
  4. After you get a bath, leave the shampoo for at least ten minutes for better results.
  5. Then rinse your hair thoroughly so that eggs may fall from your hair.
  6. Take some hot water in a bowl and place it near to you.
  7. Comb your hair completely and wash the comb after every turn and dip it in hot water again and again. This could kill the fleas with hot water if they left after washing.
  8. Apply three to four drops of tea tree oil on the scalp to prevent their arrival again.
  9. Wash all your bedding and also include pet’s bedding with too hot water.
  10. Vacuum all the home thoroughly and empty it in a bag carefully so can’t come out again.
  11. Tie that bag and wash it in a machine with hot settings.
  12. Now repeat the methods once in a week for two to three times and get relief from fleas in your home.


All the methods are given to help you out. If you think you can’t do that on your own or you are in critical condition, consult the pests control experts. They can clean your house professionally with less effort. Let them do their job, and you just call them and tell your condition.

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