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Can Bed Bugs Live On Air Mattress?

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Bed bugs can live in many places once they entered your home. The places could be your cupboard, pillows, couch, or bedding also. These are the places in which you find to rest at home. What could be if these places are infested with bed bugs?

They are called bed bugs because their favorite hiding place is a bed and its surroundings, which is your comforting place. They will disturb you the whole night when they attack and bite you continuously. People fed up with this situation when it is not under their control. Some of them find a way to replace their old bed. They thought it’s a good solution for the infestation, but if a new bed is already infested, or your house still has bugs, then it is useless to change. Some people find that the replacement of their old bed with an air mattress is a better option for them.

Do Bed Bugs Live On Air Mattress?

Bed bugs find a place where they can hide and live near to you to attack at night. In these cases, they find the possible areas in which they can reach you easily and quickly. The surface should be like fabric that has small spaces in it to hide and come out quickly. Such type of surface is easy to cling on it or travel from one place to another. If you found air mattress for the replacement of your bed, it’s better for you, because they can’t hide there or hang on it due to its smoother surface.

Why Bed Bugs Dislike An Air Mattress?

Many reasons are there due to which bed bugs don’t prefer air mattress. It depends on the behavior of the bug. Bugs can live without feeding for a long time. The time limit is greater than other pests. It is approximately 4 months after the first dose of blood. Their bites are similar to the mosquito’s bite. ¬†They are difficult to irradicate from the biting point of view. Let’s continue with the reasons.

  1. Air mattresses are made of the materials, which are unlikely for the bugs, so you are safe on it during sleep.
  2. They need small holes and spaces to enter or hide, and air mattresses couldn’t provide them.
  3. It’s smooth, and they like the fabric made surface.
  4. If, in any case, they bite and ability to cut the air mattress, you will know at once by its leakage, and you may come to the land.
  5. They can’t climb on the surfaces which are not made of thread.
  6. If you can see them and crush on your mattress, they will never come to that place or around it.

Where Else Do Bed Bugs Hide in The Home?

There are some places that are a better alternative for the bugs to hide. If you replaced the mattress, it is fine, but bugs are not finished from your home yet. They will find some more places that are near to you like a cupboard, and shoe rag is placed in or near to the bed, curtains, cushions, or sofa. The clothes are also the hiding place for bed bugs. Treat them with effective methods that remove them from all over the house. These are so difficult to kill completely, so let the help of professionals to get them out of your home.

If you are reading just to search for your particular answer that ‘can bed bugs live on an air mattress,’ then the answer is ‘no’ according to the reasons given earlier.

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