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Bed Bugs in Carpet : Can Bed Bugs Live in Carpet?

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Bed bugs basically like to live in your bed, or under the bed, as they are named. They are itself a large group of bugs their livings related to bedding, pillows, or around the area. Bed bugs, as you know, are good travelers. In past times, people believe that they only live in the bed. When they feed through your blood, how is it possible that they only live in the bed when you are moving around anywhere. The infestation, when it increases, they will move to the other spaces to lay eggs and live comfortably.

Why The Bed Bugs Choose Carpet?

Bed bugs enter your home when you enter, travel until they reach the bed. The travel space between your outer door and your bed, they have to cover. There are many things like the walls, floor, or carpet between that distance. They can’t fly or jump but crawl. They can’t travel through smooth surfaces easily, so they cling up through the clothy surface as bed sheets or pillow. These reasons behind choosing carpet by the bed bugs are mentioned here.

They Are Frequent Travelers

You are anywhere at your friend’s party, in a hotel night stay, or any public place, you may face bed bugs there. Your entrance at home is also the entry of pest with you. They will cling to your clothes or shoes for traveling. At that time, you are carrying an infestation to the home. Then you surely went to bed to rest, and they will rest there too. They make their peaceful home in the corners of the bed or under the bed. After this, they lay eggs there when feeling comfortable. A female bed bug can lay 1 to 12 eggs a day. It is horrible thinking that you may have multiples at your home.

After it, they find another place for laying eggs, so they move to other places like the carpet.

They Need A Hiding Place

If you see one of them, you surely crush them or kill at that spot. Bed bugs are too intelligent, and they find a way to save themself. Carpet is the best place to hide easily because of its long fur. They are flat to hide in the carpet while traveling for the other place. When they are larger in number, they need the possibly near corners to stay. The location will be a crack between the table and carpet, besides the inner corners of the room, curtains, or walls.

They Are Great Hunters

Bed bugs are the hungry pests. Once they access your bed, their first target is biting you to get your blood. After infesting your mattress, they want another location to stay or laying eggs. This means there are 90% chances to invade the nearest thing if it is a carpet or other furniture. Coarse things will help them more to hung there. Both the conditions meet your carpet, and the bugs got it already.

All the possible reasons we gave you to aware of them are enough.

Now the next question arises that if you got them, then how to get them out of your carpet. There are two ways for this purpose, one is costly, and the other is cheap and your hand.

Priceless Techniques To Prevent Your Carpet From Bed Bugs

You are the predator of these tricky pests, so they find a way to live near to you to take the next dose. Before treatment, we should be aware of the specific places they choose to live in your room when infested.

  • Underneath the bed or bed cover.
  • Cracks behind the sideboards that are just above the carpet level.
  • Inner corners of your room or carpet.
  • In the gaps between the table legs and the carpet.
  • Under the carpet.

If you have the infested carpet, your bed is surely infested with bugs too. How to get them out now it’s the main issue. What you have to do is to clean the area. Here is an effective way to treat these tricky pests easily.

Carpet Cleaner To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

You need a carpet cleaner at home. Most of the houses, if having carpet, there is a carpet cleaner too. Put the bed off to vacuum it anyway. Deep clean the mattress and the sides of the bed also. After cleaning, place it outside of the room. Now it’s the turn for the carpet.

Carpet cleaner against bed bugs

Why use the vacuum cleaner for the carpet? It can clean thoroughly, whether it is dirt, mosquito, or any other pest like the bed bugs. It is an easy and timeless way to get them out. Even at least half an hour, you have to save for the entire room to save from bed bugs.

Now after cleaning the carpet with a cleaner, keenly check the sides of the rug and corners of the room and clean them properly. The thing you need then is the spray, which completely prevents them from coming back. Some efficient carpet cleaners are available in the market easily. It will push them out of your home.

Caulk And Seal

Seal all the ways in which they are living inside your bed like the small holes in it. If you have old furniture, it will have some small holes in it, which you have to seal. Completely fill the holes with caulk to close the cracks between the surfaces. In this way, you can save yourself and your furniture also from the attack of bed bugs.

Washing Process Against Bed Bugs

After cleaning the infected area, your next target is to clean the bed covers, pillowcases, curtains, and the clothes in your wardrobe by washing. Set the washing machine to the hot setting as much as possible. The heat then kills all the bugs present inside these clothes. The rugs in the room, you have to wash them too. Pack them in a plastic bag and open it in the washing machine. Wash all the clothing items and dry them after it.

Some Efficient Tips

  1. Never use a rented vacuum cleaner because there is a possibility that it may already be infected with bed bugs or any other pests.
  2. Clean the vacuum cleaner rapidly after you clean the carpet with it. If you leave it in this process, they will come out of the cleaner when you place it anywhere.
  3. The main purpose is to clean the whole house, so vacuum the whole floor and walls inside the home.
  4. The things like couch, sofa, pillows, you also have to vacuum completely.
  5. Cleaning a house regularly with cleaner can prevent you from all kinds of pests.

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