Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in Shoes?

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Bed bugs are the small pests that feed on blood. They take a more considerable amount of blood than the lice and hide after biting or feeding the human blood. Bugs like to live in dark or shady places where they are safe from human interference. They cannot fly or jump, but they crawl. They can crawl 3 to 4 feet per minute. The main problem you may face is that they are too difficult to find.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs Into Your Shoes?

These pests can live many hours after taking one dose of the blood to live. That’s why live in the places you use to live like bed, sofas, cushions, pillows or shoes. Can you imagine that they live in your shoes or boots even? The reason behind this situation is to hide in the places where you can’t disturb them. If they feel free after entering your home, they lay eggs and increase their number.

This situation could be uncontrollable for you then. They live in the places near to you, and you easily find your predator for a dose of blood. After taking a dose, bugs hide in the small cracks or their living places like under the bedsheets, pillowcases, into the shoes, etc.

Why The Bed Bugs Find Shoes To Hide?

Some people are fond of collecting or buying new shoes. When the collection goes broader, some of them are used likely than the others. Now some footwear is not under your observation or use. They can be a good homeland for the bed bugs to hide or to stay. Actually, nothing is exciting for bed bugs to live in shoes. Their primary purpose is to live near the human.

They choose your shoes sometimes because they are dirty or smelly, which is the favorite place of living for any pests. Your belongings are the first choice for bugs to live in because there they can continue attachments to you.

You can’t catch or find them easily because they are too small and silent pests. If you are careful about your shoes, you have to keep them bugs free.

How To Prevent Your Shoes From Bed Bugs?

Never need to panic about anything. You can handle the situation. First, you should seal the places, which are the particular areas of the pests. Fill the holes as much as possible. Wash and clean your shoes regularly. You have to clean the boots which you are not using even because they can give the pests a friendly environment. It can be a very challenging situation for you if you are traveling with a bed bug in your shoes.

Put the shoes into the places where bed bugs can’t approach. If the situation is still, it’s the time to kill them.

How You Get Bed Bugs Out Of Your Shoes?

Bed bugs are one of the pests which are difficult to deal with. But no worry, you can get them out with our recommendations.

Many ways are there which people use to treat the bugs in their shoes. Let us have a look at the ways that help you to kill the bed bugs in your shoes.

Wash The Shoes

you can deal with the bed bugs with heat because they will die the temperature above 122 degrees. The proper way you can easily use is to wash your shoes in the washing machine. The bugs present there would die. These points can help you in the washing process.

  • Scrub the mud out of the shoes to avoid the contaminated water while washing. Dirty water can affect the color or cleanliness of your shoes, especially white.
  • Pack the pair into mesh laundry bags to save your washing machine from breakage or tearing. If the laundry bag is not available, you can use the untied pillowcase or flour sacks for packing.
  • Pull the laces out of both because some bugs will hide in the tiny spaces.
  • Put the shoes into a washing machine and settle into hot settings at least 60 minutes to kill the bed bugs inside the shoes.
  • Don’t put the shoes alone into a machine. Some clothes or towels will also have to add for careful cleaning.
  • Make sure that if your shoes are washable or not. It depends on the material which the shoes are made of. Mostly the material would be PVC, polyutherane, cotton, nylon, and polyester are washable in the machine.
  • Leather should not machine wash. You can soak it into the water for an hour or two to kill bugs inside these shoes.

Freezing Process

  • If you can’t wash any of them, you can use another method. Deep freezing can also kill the bugs because they die on zero degrees.
  • Place them even in the cloth bag or clean them before freezing.
  • Freeze them for at least 48 to 72 hours for complete results.
  • After it, open the bags and let the shoes out to see if all the bed bugs killed.
  • Check them properly and remove the dead one.

This process is also affordable by anyone because many houses have a deep freezer in it. If you don’t have, move for the next procedure.

Use Dryer For Shoes

The killing process can be used in another way. If you have a dryer at home, place the shoes in it. It also needs some rules to follow.

  • place the shoes into laundry bags after cleaning and dry them.
  • For the sake of safety shoes, you can hang it on the dryer’s door. It can kill the bugs inside by drying and safe your favorite shoes too.
  • Fill the inside of your shoes with towels or fabrics for drying them easily and quickly.
  • Check the shoes and laundry bag, remove the bed bugs from it. If there is any under the bag, it is dead undoubtedly.

Pest Control Experts

If your problem is not solved with these techniques, you should call the pest control experts. The main issue is not only to remove them from just shoes, and you have to finish them till the very last.

Some Beneficial Tips

  1. Before washing the shoes, put some baking soda into shoes one night earlier. Empty them before washing.
  2. You can use the bed bugs spray to prevent your shoes from the pests.
  3. Pack them in the round plastic containers while you are not using them. The use of plastic sealed bags is also a better alternative.
  4. Wash them or clean them according to their manufacturer recommendations.
  5. You can also use the tea tree oil spray to repel the bugs from your favorite shoes.
  6. If no one strategy can help you to remove bed bugs from your shoes, you should leave these shoes. This condition rarely occurs due to their eggs that left in the procedure. Before throwing, pack them in a plastic bag that they couldn’t come out of them to disturb anyone who picks up these shoes.
  7. Never place the shoes near your bed or bedroom, and clean your home that no pests would like to enter there.

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