Bed Bugs

Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bugs?

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Are you sleeping on your comfortable bed but couldn’t sleep. If the reason is that something is biting you and you can’t sleep, be aware! You got bed bugs to your home. Now you are finding all the possible ways to get rid of them.

Is your option to use baking soda against bed bugs? You should first know some facts about the bugs and baking soda to conclude your answer.

Facts about baking soda and Bed bugs

Baking soda is a commonly used product at any home. It is also known as sodium bicarbonate, and it has leavening effects that make it popular in baking many delicious food items like cakes, muffins, pastries, and bread, etc. So it is well known by you too surely. Sodium bicarbonate is alkaline and produces carbon dioxide when mixed with some acids like vinegar, yogurt, or lemon, etc. It is also used for cleaning purposes as it removes stains from surfaces like the refrigerator, oven, and many others.

It is a fine white powder that has antifungal properties in it. That’s why you think it is a bug killer or insecticide. Bed bugs are one of the pests that are not easy to tackle and you. They are most active when you are resting, especially night time. This is the actual issue that at that time, you are tired enough to kill them on the spot. You even can’t kill them so easily, so you have to find another solution for treating them efficiently.

Can baking soda really kill bed bugs?

If you are finding the ways to kill them, and you already used some methods for them at home. Now you are thinking of using baking soda against them, and you should know first that it really works or not. There are some facts to find out the exact answer.

  1. It can kill germs and remove stains we all know, but kills bugs there is no strong evidence to prove this.
  2. Baking soda can adopt the odors but don’t spread more to suffocate them. So it is used to clean a refrigerator and removes smell from it. For killing bugs, it should have some strong aroma to kill them.
  3. They will die if they ingest baking soda directly, but bugs only feed on blood accept any other thing.
    How is it possible to eat baking soda when they are not made for them naturally.
  4. Baking soda may cause internal skin issues for them but couldn’t kill them completely. So relying on this as a treatment is not good for you, because when you are trusting on this, your problem is increasing instead of finishing or decreasing.
  5. They can multiply soon when feeling comfort at your home, so use of baking soda and wait for it is a useless trial to you, so if you have a large number of them, never wait.


Bed bugs are the pests that not easy to find and kill. If you have an effective treatment to do at home, you should try like some scents or oils like tea tree or lavender, but only when you can handle the situation. We are not suggesting you use baking soda for this purpose. Although it has some positive effects in other ways, so don’t use it as a bug repellent. If you have a larger attack by bugs at home, call the pest control experts to work for it more efficiently.

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